Cairns Chocolate School's Vision

Chocolate Classes

Our vision is for the knowledge of how to make chocolate simply and easily at home to become as common as that for baking a cake. Cairns Chocolate School focuses on teaching students how to make chocolate from scratch using Australia cocoa products ie. cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cocoa mass and cocoa powder.

Classes range from beginner level where students learn how to make chocolate using equipment commonly found in most homes, through to more advanced levels such as bean to bar and, coming on line in the second half of 2019, tree to bar classes.

Cairns Chocolate School’s main focus is teaching students how to make chocolate however we will also host special guests such as professional chocolatiers and farmers for green thumbs and hobbyists wanting to know the finer details of growing cocoa.

Why Cairns Chocolate School?

Chocolate capital of Australia.

Far North Queensland is the chocolate capital of Australia. It is situated in what is commonly referred to as the cocoa belt, meaning it is one of a small percentage of places in the world able to grow chocolate.

This also makes it the ideal location to learn about all aspects of chocolate, from its ancient roots and traditional uses through to growing it and using it to make bars, blocks and other delicious confections.

Classes Held Monthly

Cairns Chocolate School is operated by local chocolate maker Nicole Gibson from Heavenly Cacao

Nicole is a self taught chocolate artisan who discovered chocolate making after being forced to quit eating commercially manufactured chocolate due to a serious health condition.

Unwilling to quit chocolate, she set about learning how to make it, armed with the belief that if she controlled what went into her chocolate through the use of high quality raw materials, she may again be able to enjoy this much loved indulgence.